To support opponents of short-term rentals in the escalating battle to save their neighborhoods, CureSTR launches a new website to provide resources and information to neighbors worldwide. contains a wealth of updated news, practical advice and organizational tools.  The goal of the site is to gather and distribute best practices worldwide so that opposition efforts are effective.

The News section is updated hourly and contains articles from large and small media outlets.  Many STR articles are published on local and neighborhood media sites.  CureSTR sources information from these as well as national media outlets.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, opponents will find important definitions as well as answers to the most common questions regarding STRs.  Too often, the debate over STRs is clouded by people altering definitions to suit their interests.  The definitions included in the FAQ represent CureSTR’s stance and were informed by a lot of research.

More features will be added to daily.  Please check back frequently.