Dear City Attorney Jan Goldsmith,

As you know, short-term rentals are visitor accommodations under the city’s municipal code. Visitor accommodations are a commercial use and prohibited in residential neighborhoods.

Also, short-term rentals are not a listed use under the city’s municipal code and are not permitted anywhere under San Diego’s permissive zoning scheme.

Both ways, short term rentals are not a residential use and are not permitted in residential zones.

Since it is the City Attorney’s job to enforce zoning laws, we politely ask that you do so. Short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods are illegal.


Editor’s notes:
Most municipalities use zoning laws that list allowed uses for properties in each zone. It is very rare to find a residential zone that permits short-term rentals as a legal use.

The banner is located at the site of an elementary school that was shuttered due to lack of students.  Families were pushed out of the neighborhood by short-term rentals.  Click here for a related article.